Urbanears Pampas Review

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Earphone organizations like to introduce a specific picture each time another item gets dispatched. With Apple’s Beats, it’s flashy and hip; over at Bang and Olufsen, there’s an unadulterated extravagance, while Bose offers an expert, yet some would state droning, look.

For longer than ten years, Scandinavia-based Urbanears Pampas has been delivering downplayed sound items that are metropolitan stylish yet prudent. With the organization’s all-new Pampas assortment, the consonant Nordic look is still there; however, it includes some significant downfalls that are more extreme than past items.

Are the Urbanears Pampas earphones for you? It’s an ideal opportunity to discover the about the Urbanears Pampas review.

Urbanears Pampas

Urbanears Pampas earphones offer great bass profundity that is encompassed by agreeable larger than average jars. Be careful with the restricted shading decisions and additional items. 

Cost: $150 


These shareable earphones will stop people in their tracks despite the downplayed, to some degree, dull look. Simultaneously, you’ll appreciate music for over a day between charges. This is the primary concern if you look at the Urbanears pampas review.

  • Lightweight, folding plan
  • 30+ long periods of wireless play
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Instant music sharing
  • No extras
  • Built-in receiver needs



Let’s see what is the Urbanears Pampas review all about. The Urbanears Pampas over-ear earphones offer more than 30 hours of slight euphoria in a bundle that is both agreeable and in vogue. Including a folding, moderate plan, the clothy earphones are accessible in dark, green, and beige. Installed, you’ll locate a solitary control handle on the privilege earcup that permits you to skip tracks, change volume, and get calls. The handle is additionally an on/off the catch, which you use to associate with your telephone, tablet, or different gadgets through Bluetooth 5.0.

The earphones likewise incorporate a 3.5mm jack, this time on the left earcup. The expectation here isn’t to change Pampas into a wired gadget. All things being equal, it’s there so a companion can connect their earphones and tune in to your music.

Past this, the earphones have a USB-C port and fairly befuddling LED that should show the earphones’ battery status.

Inside the case, you’ll discover the earphones, USB-C charging link, and a perfect client guide. The Urbanears Pampas review headphone is the best headphone and perfect wireless one for you.

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to describe features

There are many ups and downs while regarding the Urbanears Pampas review. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Urbanears Pampas earphones are bass-driven. Sponsored with 40mm unique drivers in each earcup, they give a recurrence scope of 20Hz-20kHz with a 32-ohm impedance.

The bass, which functions admirably at high and mid-levels without bending, never appears to be overwhelming. Combined with its 30 hours of battery life between charges, the Pampas have been intended to go-go-go generally with progress.

Even though some may call it gimmicky, we like the shareable 3.5mm jack. It’s appropriate for movement mates and accomplices the same and adds somewhat extra to a strongly feature light, audio item.


Have you ever look on the other side of Urbanears Pampas review. It’s the dislike and cons. Sound functions admirably on the Pampas aside from in two cases. To begin with, despite offering Bluetooth 5.0 remote availability, the Pampas presented a suppressed sound even before arriving at its most excellent scope of 30 feet of listening territory.

In tests inside, this reach was more like 25 feet, even though we arrived 32 feet outside. Likewise, the sound is undermined during voice calling as the inherent pinhole receiver and far off neglected to dazzle. Think at times quieted, different occasions distorted sounds.

Upon finding out about the Urbanears Pampas review earphones, we could not hold back to give them a shot. When they showed up, nonetheless, we were marginally disillusioned by the shade of my audit unit, Field Green. That mistake developed more articulated when we understood that the primary other shading decisions for Urbanears’ most recent lead gadget were tedious Charcoal Black and Almond Beige.

Although Urbanear’s earphones will never be confused with strikingly hued jars from Beats, they have commonly dispatched in more splendid tints than what’s offered for the Pampas at dispatch. Where’s the sun-aged Tomato or Powered Pink found on the Plattan 2 Bluetooth, or the late spring made Malibu or Amethyst Purple accessible on the Suman?

We’ll additionally toss some shade on Urbanears’ choice not to incorporate a conveying case with the earphones or even an AUX link for wired use.

These kinds of adornment exclusions bode well on under 50 Black Friday earphones from some anonymous sound organization. Nonetheless, given the value purpose of the Pampas, it’s less worthy. It’s significantly more so given the earphone’s folding plan that shouts for modest nylon conveying sack in any event.

At last, there’s the LED marker. Minimal more than a pinhole on the Pampas’ correct cup, the LED begins flickering when the battery comes up short. Shockingly, the LED is hard to see due to its situation on the lower part of the can, which is frequently covered, contingent upon the development of the cup. Urbanears ought to have made this marker LED greater or discarded it during the advancement cycle.

Urbanears Pampas review is given to let you know which is the brighter side and dark side of this headphone; if you are willing to buy the great product.


These earphones are evaluated around 50 more than they ought to be; even an unassuming deal will eliminate this barrier. Regardless of this, they are as yet worth considering if you’re searching for wireless earphones with long battery life and one of a kind sharing capacities. Don’t depend on the pointer light to settle on battery-charging choices. Fortunately, with 30 hours of music between charges, having the option to see that LED isn’t vital all that regularly.

The Urbanears Pampas review headphones are of your choice to get. Urbanears needed to make a couple of stylishly engaging earphones, and with the Pampas, we believe it’s succeeded. Be that as it may, for a beautiful and smooth as the earphones look in the showcasing materials, a few penances are noted in the specs, which might be a significant issue, mainly if the first-class sound is generally essential to you. The Pampas need noise retraction, a pretty crucial component for current earphones.

There’s additionally no AI voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assitant. By and by, the earphones come in three tones: Almond beige, charcoal dark, and field green. Furthermore, a control handle lets clients skip tracks, change volume, or answer calls. The Pampas additionally guarantee more than 30 hours of sound, a substantial number of Bluetooth earphones.

They are folding, which helps make them overly convenient. A good sound with many hours response and best build quality is what Urbanears Pampas review have in the top priority. Disregard AirPods; Amazon is making a couple of Alexa remote earbuds. If you’re somebody who loathes the sentiment of putting an earbud inside your ear, at that point, Urbanears’ Pampas line could be a great, practical answer for you, particularly in case you’re merely searching for something to play web recordings while on the train.

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