How To Use Headphone Mic On Phone

How To Use Headphone Mic On Phone

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You’ve put a great deal of cash into a couple of value earphones with an implicit mic for your phone. Wouldn’t it be incredible on the off chance that you could use it for gaming or VOIP approaches your work area PC? How to get a Bluetooth headphone mic to work even on phone? Uplifting news: You can.

We should let it be known Android mic issues aren’t unprecedented. Having mouthpiece issues on your Android is unquestionably one of the most irritating things that a client can experience.

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How to use headphones as a mic now start to use headphones carefully as to plug up your earphones put into the mic input of the phone.

Ensure the mic levels are turned right down, talk into the mic, and raise the levels varying. If the phone/regulator has controls turn down the lows to decrease the boominess of your voice and increment the highs. One other significant thing to keep an eye out for is a review.

Headphones have a more significant surface region which makes it truly simple to get input. Make your declaration, turn off the mic, at that point unplug your earphones. Simple as that.


Bluetooth innovation has been accessible in cell phones since 2001 and has since seen a massive expansion in all-presence. Presently, all cell phone accompanies Bluetooth capacity.

Bluetooth is a small information convention that utilizations short-frequency UHF radio waves (in the 2.400 to 2.485 GHz range) to move information and signs over short separations.

Headphone Bluetooth mics work like some other wireless mic structure: with a transmitter (either inside a Bluetooth amplifier or associated with a mic) and a beneficiary (a “Bluetooth chip” discovered inside Bluetooth gadgets/beneficiaries).

Associating a Bluetooth mic to a cell phone is simple. Make the accompanying strides:

  • Turn the headphone mic or Bluetooth mic transmitter on
  • Open the Bluetooth menu of your cell phone and guarantee the phone is discoverable
  • If the gadgets are the inside scope of each other, the mic should appear as a gadget
  • Click the amplifier in the Bluetooth gadgets rundown to interface the mic to the cell phone

With Bluetooth associations, there are two principal approaches to connect headphone mic to cell phones:

  • With a Bluetooth amplifier (with the Bluetooth innovation planned into it)
  • With a Bluetooth amplifier transmitter (which permits an ordinary wired mic to transmit wirelessly through Bluetooth)



Can’t get the headphone mic to work on pc? Bluetooth gadgets are generally used for hands-free cell phone operation. A great deal of Bluetooth gadget uses that incorporate adding wireless printers to your home organization and synchronizing your cell phone with your personal computer.

Bluetooth is additionally an extraordinary arrangement as a tiny amplifier for your work station. Some Bluetooth headsets will permit you to tune in to music, yet the more significant part is pure sound or speech capable.

Tuning in to music over a Bluetooth headset is restricted to mono, one ear, in particular. Yet, utilizing a Bluetooth headset for speech is a wireless option compared to an ordinary work area microphone.


  • Bluetooth headset with maker’s matching instruction
  • PC, work area, or PC, which is Bluetooth skilled or a Bluetooth USB connector


1: Enable Bluetooth on your PC on the off chance that it doesn’t have Bluetooth ability previously built-in, plugin a Bluetooth USB connector into an accessible USB port on your PC.

2: Set up your Bluetooth headset with the goal that your personal computer can discover it by turning on the headset and making it “Discoverable.”

3: Join up the Bluetooth headset with your PC by clicking “Start then control panel then hardware and sound then Bluetooth devices and last add,” and a window will open and begin looking for your discoverable Bluetooth headset.

4: Pick your Bluetooth headset from the list of gadgets, click “Next,” and follow the prompts to match your PC with the headset.

5: Design the amplifier properties by tapping on the “Start” button in the lower-left tank corner of your screen and clicking “Control Panel.”

6: Type in “sound” in the Control Panel search box and afterward click “Sound.” Select “Bluetooth sound” as the receiver.


These are tips and hints for to work out on “how to get Bluetooth headphone mic to work on pc” or “how to use headphone mic on the phone.” 

  • Once two Bluetooth gadgets have been effectively combined, the pairing process is finished, and future Bluetooth connections are set
  • The typical Bluetooth passkey is “0000.”
  • Bluetooth gadgets have a scope of 10 meters or 33 feet
  • Some PC accompany front panel audio – frequently situated under the optical drive – to which headsets, mics, and other sound gadgets can be associated. These sound jacks are not shading coded, notwithstanding; all things being equal, search for earphone and mic images close to the jacks to figure out which port is which
  • With so numerous USB ports on your PC, you would think connecting various headsets to various ports would permit you to have at least two headsets on a similar call if you’re moving to VoIP correspondences. Sadly, that is not the situation. When you introduce a USB headset, your working programming takes into consideration one sound gadget. You can have numerous headsets connected, yet you should pick which one to use as your proper gadget
  • There are third-party applications that can change the elements of your android cell phone. Even though it won’t do any harm to the equipment of your gadget, it can influence your mic
  • At the point when you notice that your headphone’s mic has quit working, the main thing you ought to do is to reboot your gadget. It could be a minor issue, so rebooting your device can help fix the mic issue
  • On the off chance that the volume of your gadget is quiet, at that point you may believe that your amplifier is defective. Go to the sound settings of your device and check if your call volume or media volume is low or quiet. If so, at that point, increment the call volume and media volume of your gadget
  • Good preventions. Check if there are any blocks in the mic. (It’s conceivable that your mic glitch could have the development of the earth. When was the last time you cleaned your phone?)
  • Software updates
  • Hardware issues

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