Bonein BN-702 Review

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If you need to tune in to music with earphones, you have a few options: over-ear, on-ear or in-ear. In any case, the most recent alternative is bone conduction earphones. One of the very reliable headphones is Bone in BN-702 since they don’t cover your ears by any stretch of the imagination; you can undoubtedly hear what’s happening surrounding you. Also, they even work on the off chance that you have particular kinds of hearing misfortune!

Bonein BN-702 Review

They don’t give audiophile-quality sound; however, that is frequently not a huge issue. Their actual application is to utilize while doing dynamic games, even outside in the downpour. There’s even a model you can wear when you’re swimming!

Most models incorporate a receiver, or a couple of noise dropping mics, in addition to an all-inclusive control button. The control empowers you to get calls while tuning in to music.

Conventional earphones have transducers – smaller than regular speakers – that are focused on the ear trench. Paradoxically, Bone-in BN-702 earphones communicate sound vibrations through the bone of the skull straightforwardly to the inward ear (called the “cochlea”), totally bypassing the external and centre ear.

Bone-in is a Chinese organization that makes a few bone conduction earphone models focused on those with hearing inabilities. Their BN-702 “sports” model is intended to function admirably with amplifiers. They’re agreeable enough for delayed use as a video headset but on the other hand, are pragmatic for sprinters.

BN-702 earphones have an actual novel plan that permits the earpieces to be pivoted, and they can be collapsed up for simple stockpiling in the included zippered case. Their shape makes it simple to put on and eliminate eyeglasses. Appraised IP-55, they’re residue and water-safe.


BN-702 earphones have a large battery of any model we assessed. AT 220 mAh, you get 12 hours of persistent utilize and an astounding 180 days of reserve time. Shockingly, this additionally makes the BN-702 the most massive model we took a gander at, however just barely, at 1.59 ounces (45 grams).
They incorporate a solitary commotion dropping mouthpiece. On the earpiece are volume catches and a multi-work catch to control your media player or get calls.


BN-702 is accessible in one or the other dark or blue. There’s additionally a BN-702T model intended for TV viewing by those with hearing issues. It incorporates a different 2.4 GHz Bluetooth transmitter connector that associates with the sound yield of your TV.
Bone-in offers a 1-year guarantee and lifetime specialized help for this model. This could get significant, as specific clients have revealed that the headset can break at where they overlay.


  • 11-hour battery life
  • Fantastic solace
  • High-quality sound
  • Wireless availability
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Bright and vivid plan
  • Good stable quality
  • Reflective wellbeing band
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Inexpensive
  • Long-life battery
  • Folds up into a conveying case
  • Easy to eliminate eyeglasses
  • Heavier than most models

They have a fantastic network, incredible sound quality, and euphoric solace. These bone conduction earphones are ideal for any individual who needs to keep familiarity with the environmental factors while getting it done. Your sign won’t be equipped to deal with up to 30ft, offering some additional comfort.

They offer some true serenity when going out around evening time. It’s ideal to realize that individuals around you can see you from up to 500 feet away – get a couple of bone conduction earphones like these in case you’re regularly making the rounds around evening time. Likewise, with each bone conduction earphone, they’ll remain directly set up. They are lightweight, lay smoothly on the ear, and have excellent quality sound.


Bone in BN-702 offers a favorable critical position when you work out. That is because you can hear all the sounds around you, precisely as though you’re not wearing earphones by any means. For instance, in case you’re running at the edge of a bustling road, you can be completely mindful of any traffic or other potential risks.
Likely the most significant disadvantage is the sound. Great bone conduction earphones can sound very substantial, yet they can’t contend with the best regular earphone plans as far as sound constancy. Usually, the bass reaction can be reasonably frail without exceptional pay stunts.

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