Best Bass Headphones Under $50

Best Bass Headphones Under $50

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We love great bass. It’s zapping and rejuvenates music. However, finding the correct earphones which convey the most bass isn’t, in every case, simple. You don’t need earphones with the most bass, which rely on mids and highs. If the bass chokes different sounds, you don’t get the correct profundity and detail, making music so extraordinary. It would be best if you likewise thought about the plan, solace, and sturdiness other than sound. You have to break down the market and found for you the best bass headphones under 50.

Top 10 Best Bass Headphones Under $50

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacAudio Technica ATH-M20XColor: Black
Battery life: 7 hours
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backpacPanasonic Headphones RP-HT161-KColor: Black
Battery life: 5-6 hours
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cordlessblowerKoss Porta ProColor: Rhythm Beige, Black Gold, black silver
Battery life: 12+ hours

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cordlessblowerSkullcandy Hesh 2Color: Black
Battery life:  15-hour
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cordlessblowerRazer Kraken XColor: Black, Mercury
Battery life: 8 hours
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cordlessblowerTaotronics Active NoiseColor: Black
Battery life: BT/ANC 40 hours, BT+ANC 25 hours
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cordlessblowerMPOW H19 IPOColor: Black
Battery life: About 20 hours
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cordlessblowerSuperlux HD668B Dynamic SemiColor: Black
Battery life: N/A
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cordlessblowerMonoprice 8323 HeadphonesColor: Black
Battery life:
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cordlessblowerJBL Tune 500BTColor: Pink, Black, White, Blue
Battery life:  up to 16 hours
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The ATH-M20x professional headphones are an extraordinary prologue to the widely praised M-Series line. The current plan and excellent materials join to convey an open listening experience, with upgraded sound and compelling confinement—a superb decision for following and blending.


Widely praised M-Series proficient headphones convey precise sound and extraordinary solace, ideal for long meetings in the studio, and even in a hurry. Molded earcups seal tight for fantastic sound disconnection, with an insignificant drain. Furthermore, the favorable to review materials are sturdy yet agreeable. Discover why online commentators, top sound architects, and faction supporters concur; M-Series is an unrivaled mix of sound and assembles quality that takes care of business. Monotonously, after quite a long time after year.


  • Advanced fabricate quality and designing
  • 40 mm drivers with uncommon earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice curls
  • Tuned for upgraded low-recurrence execution
  • Circumaural configuration shapes around the ears for superb sound segregation in uproarious conditions
  • Convenient single-side link exit
  • Designed for studio following and blending
  • Moderate prices
  • Great sound quality
  • Durableness
  • Lightweight and pleasant to convey
  • Turning earcups
  • No other color choice
  • No other different features



Panasonic is a brand inseparable from quality hardware, and they have cut a specialty for themselves in the realm of sound peripherals with a scope of tough and adaptable headphones. The Panasonic RP-HT161E-K is perhaps the most recent expansion to their reach. These are retro-styled over-the-ear earphones that include an all dark look. They offer a soft and agreeable fit, making it ideal the entire day wearing a decision. If you are an expert working in a studio, at that point, comfort matters a ton, and the Panasonic RP-HT161E-K over-ear earphones are a decent decision.


The agreeable fit that these Panasonic over-the-ear earphones give also makes a cozy and tight seal over the ears that segregate music and dispense with outside sound. Thus, regardless of whether you tune in to music at the train station be have confidence that you will hear the music. The sound quality in the Panasonic dark over-ear earphones is incredible as it is fueled by 30mm driver units and has a maximum force contribution of 1000mW. With an impedance of 32ohms to top it up, the sound quality is comparable to numerous more extravagant models. These neodymium magnet earphones offer a real incentive for cash.


  • Type
  • over-the-ear shut back earphones
  • Colors
  • Dark Black
  • Wired/Wireless
  • Wired
  • Headset Frequency Response
  • 10Hz – 27000Hz
  • Impedance
  • 32ohms
  • Extra Features
  • Delicate ear cushions shut back plan
  • Affectability
  • 98dB/mW

The smooth, reliable, lightweight plan and matt dark completion of Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K amount to your style and solace while making the most of your main tunes at home or while voyaging.

This headset is a reduced, right style and an over-the-ear item that is as yet unequaled from other extravagant earphones because of its high-caliber and clear stable, dependable solace 6.5 feet sound line for playing motion pictures, tunes, and gaming.

  • Gives high-recurrence sound
  • Powerful bass
  • Padded for improved solace
  • Extended earphone line
  • Runs somewhat limited



The Koss Porta Pro KTC are nice-sounding and compact on-ear earphones for necessary tuning in and blended utilization. They’re lightweight, agreeable, and have a minimal, retro plan that will work for a few. They additionally have a tolerably adjusted and open sound for an on-ear gadget, although they won’t be the best sounding earphones for more genuine basic audience members. Sadly, they also feel shaky and modest and don’t hinder any noise from battling a little in loud conditions.


The Koss Porta Pro has an extraordinary and retro allure that is not for everybody. They have little plastic on ear cups that are connected to a meager metal casing. That, joined with the delicate looking sound links and generally shaky form quality, causes them to feel like modest aircraft earphones.


The Koss Porta Pro is incredibly lightweight for in-ear earphones. The headband is adaptable and virtually customizable, which makes them better than expected agreeable. They’re not very close; notwithstanding, they have a flexible strain slider on the ear cups. It doesn’t change a lot to the fit, yet it’s a decent expansion to the plan. Tragically, they’re ineffectively cushioned, so they don’t give any additional solace separated from their lightweight fit.


The manufacturing nature of these earphones is disappointing and feels modest. The headband is a meager metal edge with no cushioning and an off-kilter sliding instrument to change its size. The ear cups are not incredibly thick, even though their lightweight form makes hard falls less harmful.

The Koss Porta Pro is a decent alternative if you’re searching for spending plan basic listening earphones. They’re genuinely great on-ear earphones we’ve tried in this value range. They’re agreeable, lightweight, and have an excellent open sound that cooks well to most tracks.

They sound adequately useful for easygoing and more basic audience members however have a delicate form quality and don’t obstruct any commotion because of their open-plan, so they won’t be the most appropriate earphones for driving, particularly when contrasted with a portion of the other on-ears underneath.

  • Lightweight
  • Surprisingly great sound
  • Reasonable cost
  • Excellent battery life
  • Lifetime guarantee of the first abbreviated to just a single year



Decked out in a larger number of shadings than a scene of art attack, the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 territory is striking; however, would it be able to coordinate that with the sound?

The Skullcandy Hesh 2 earphones are an update to a more established adaptation, outwardly and in the engine. It is reasonable to state that the firsts took a specific fire measure for damaging a unique plan with sound quality that might not have satisfied everyone’s expectations. It is the best bass headphones under 50.

It’s challenging to make a complete judgment on them; cosmetically, their design nearly is something that will grab your attention. In any case, it’s what they feel like that matters.


Skullcandy needs the Hesh 2.0 to be the leader of its new Skullcandy superior sound scope of earphones, and its endeavors are to be genuinely praised.

Having conceded straightforwardly that the center was to improve the clearness of vocals and its separate reach, the brand has satisfied its guarantee.


Gratitude to its generally thick plastic form, these vibes are strong and longlasting. It would positively endure being routinely tossed around and being stuff hurriedly into a backpack.

On account of the cushions’ plan, these will, in all likelihood, not agree with a few; it can, on occasion, lead to sound spillage and the awkward inclination that the earphones are never really sitting appropriately on the ears.

  • Vocal clearness
  • Solid and longlasting
  • Tight on the ears



Razer Kraken into a more lightweight bundle at 250 grams – one of the lightest gaming headsets accessible today, don’t waste time just get your best bass headphones under 50.

The Razer Kraken X will be accessible in two variations: exemplary dark and the Kraken X for Console, including beat-up features.


It’s likely reasonable to depict the Kraken X as the Kraken Lite. Managed, thinned, and diminished, the Kraken X is a lighter and less expensive headset that holds its more significant sibling’s general style. Furthermore, weight sparing is critical.

The main thing you’ll see is how inconceivably lightweight it is – 8.8 ounces or only a hair over a large portion of a pound. The customary Kraken is 0.71 pounds, so it’s a significant distinction.

Kraken X is a simple gadget, so it doesn’t accompany such a good war room. In any case, maybe the most impressive component is that it underpins 7.1 encompass sound – after a design. It’s just accessible on Windows 10 64-bit PCs, and to empower the content, you have to introduce Razer’s 7.1 sound utility.


The Kraken X is a multi-stage earphone. The simple link permits it to work with the PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and even your cell phone, expecting you have an earphone jack.

  • Affordable
  • Stealthy, all-dark plan
  • Very agreeable and lightweight
  • Sounds incredible when gaming
  • Impressive mic quality
  • Not the best for tuning in to music

Taotronics Active Noise


TaoTronics is one of those forceful Shenzhen tech organizations hoping to break out on Amazon.

The TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (2019 New Version) doesn’t have a smart name; however, the value more than compensates for that.

Get best bass headphones under 50, Bluetooth over-the-ear earphones that keep going for almost 30 hours on a solitary charge and can dispense with the commotion of a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 fly motor.

The TaoTronics SoundSurge 90 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones are a shut back Over-The-Ear model with 35-hours of recess. Highlights remember a Built-for Mic, Active Noise Cancellation innovation with feed-forward and input ANC to lessen surrounding clamor up to 30dB, Bluetooth 5 0 innovation, USB Fast Charging for up to 2hrs of utilization after a 5min fast charge, and an underlying battery-powered battery that can be completely energized in 45min for 35hrs of music playback. The TaoTronics BH046s offers a sensibly estimated passage into active noise-canceling earphones.

  • Decent manufacture quality
  • Comfortable to wear for quite a long time
  • Clear calls
  • Long battery charge
  • Fast charging
  • The better portrayal of the recurrence ranges (Lows, Mids, and Highs)



Mpow H19 IPO dynamic noise dropping earphones lessen surrounding noise, make you center, and quiet down. Regardless of you’re in a boisterous road, occupied metro or transport, plane lodge with a thundering motor, you can drench yourself in the music world without disturbance by using the best bass headphones under 50 Mpow ANC Bluetooth headphones. The noise scratch-off capacity can function admirably both in wire and wireless mode.

Mpow H19 IPO dynamic noise dropping earphones are designed with CVC 8.0 noise dropping receiver, which causes you to hear and be heard all the more obviously, advantageous for you to speak with others.

Appreciate as long as 30 hours of constant recess in Bluetooth mode. Try not to need to stress over the force lack issue on the long travel. Tip: Turn off ANC to evade power utilization if earphones are not being used.

  • Features up to 22dB of commotion decrease because of the input ANC tech
  • Enjoy expanded use (30 – 35 hours recess) with negligible vacation (10-minute fast charge = 2 hours)
  • Delivers amazing sound that lets you appreciate music in high caliber
  • Great for online classes and video telephone calls because of CVC 8.0 tech
  • Needs bass
  • May feel excessively close contingent upon client’s head shape and ear size



The Superlux HD 668B is the best bass headphones under 50 with great sounding and good basic listening earphones. They let in a great deal of surrounding noise cancelation and release enough to occupy everyone around you to not proceed for other use cases.

They’re additionally somewhat massive and lumbering to haul around. Nonetheless, about sound, they convey a practically unparalleled sound propagation at this value range.


The HD 668B looks fundamentally the same as the AKG K240. They have paddles rather than a textured tie to pad the headband and an odd-looking male sound jack instead of a more standard female port for the detachable link. In any case, the remainder of the HD 668’s configuration, including the enormous semi-open ear cups, resemble a less expensive variant of the K240s.

The Superlux HD 668 is tolerably all around cushioned; however, all in all too close on the head. They’re lightweight, and the ear cups are enormous and fit nicely around most audience members’ ears.


Superlux HD 668 is economically made and plasticky. They feel like a spending rendition of the AKG K240, which shows in their manufacturing quality. They have a plastic plan with no metal parts, and all the materials used in their manufacture quality feel the low rate.

  • Incredible sound stage
  • Fuller of bass
  • No high puncturing high pitch
  • Wiring not the best



Is it accurate to say that you are an earphone fan and appreciate vivid music listening experience? Searching for good, best bass headphones under 50 that conveys incredible sound quality? We accept the spending plan agreeable Monoprice Modern Retro Over-ear Headphones possesses all the necessary qualities.

What do you get with these earphones?

  • Replaceable ear cushions
  • Self-changing headband
  • 50mm drivers
  • 9.8 feet link
  • 512 g weight


Although super reasonable, the Monoprice 8323 is as yet agreeable to wear and accompanies thick cushioning.

The earpads fit around your ears and work admirably of lessening outside commotion while keeping inward clamor in. They are likewise lightweight and fit pleasantly on your head.


People are astonished at how all around made the Monoprice 8323 earphones are. The headpiece is made of flexible elastic, which curves and assists with forestalling breakage. Additionally, the link is removable and replaceable, something you don’t regularly observe on earphones in this value range.


While assessing the sound, it’s essential to call the attention that these earphones are under 50. The Monoprice earphones stood their ground and gave a sound quality that was a long way past their unimaginably low sticker price.

  • Good sound
  • Reasonable cost
  • Removable link; two links, one with mic and regulator
  • Pleasant to wear
  • The sound quality isn’t astonishing



JBL Tune 500BT is a dependable wireless in-ear earphone with bass-stressed sound quality that shows its best bass headphones under 50 costs with modest materials and fundamental highlights.

The Bluetooth highlights give indications old enough; they accuse of Micro-USB rather than the present standard USB-C. The battery life of more than 18 hours is extraordinary; however, not among the longest in the class.

Regardless, the value improves everything. They are an extraordinary reasonable decision for an easygoing bass head who would not like to overspend.


Truly agreeable to wear. The lightweight on-ear earphones have a reliable clipping power yet modest earpads. Presently, at the cost you pay, you can’t anticipate premium materials. Furthermore, you don’t get them. A slight foil-like texture covers the earpads. That is the sort that is anything but difficult to scratch.


Fair noise confinement for in-ear earphones; however, you can anticipate some noise spillage. On-ear earphones typically aren’t the best with regards to uninvolved clamor separation. Yet, on account of a somewhat “clamps” attack of shut back earcups, the JBL Tune 500BT offers reasonable disengagement.


Even though the Tune 500BT accompanies a more seasoned Bluetooth variant 4.1, they furnish better than expected remote availability with more extended reach and dependability. Bluetooth’s standard scope is around 33ft (10m), yet these stay associated even somewhat further away. 


While JBL guarantees you 16 hours, we got approximately 18 hours in our test. It’s a lot of battery life for even bad-to-the-bone clients. Also, if you run out, you can get quickly charge them instantly.


Manufacture quality is the place where these show their low cost. The materials are modest and reasonably creaky; however, look in a better way than you’d suspect.

  • Affordable cost
  • Comfortable
  • Foldable plan
  • They look more extravagant
  • Noisy earpads


Considering the unbelievably low sticker price, there’s a great deal to like about any of these best bass headphones under 50. They are agreeable to wear, bounty uproarious, and accompany two removable links. Considering these expenses about equivalent to a modest pair of earbuds, anyone would suggest them for those on a careful spending plan who require earphones that are agreeable to wear for quite a long time at a time.

While the sound isn’t an audiophile, the quality truly isn’t awful; and for under 50, it’s in reality very generous. These would make decent spending set for staring at the TV or motion pictures late around evening time after everybody has headed to sleep; they would likewise make good spending set for gaming.

Their massive size makes them not exactly ideal for exercise center use, even though their foldability makes them a decent possibility for taking with you in a hurry. This is a fantastic earphone at the cost and positively a stage up from the modest earbuds that accompanied your gadget.

Try not to expect audiophile quality, yet for under 50, they are a nice pair of earphones.

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